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Please select a SMARTSHADE™ that is the same size as your chosen Trampoline!

Shade your little ones from the sun!

The sun in Canada can be harsh and strong, so make sure you shade your little ones with our trampoline shade cover!


  • Easy to put on and take off your trampoline
  • Height of the trampoline shade: 5.9ft from the jumping mat
  • Great UV protection from the sun
  • High quality durable material that will last
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty
  • Has a drain hole for rain
  • Soft and safe, no hard bits

  • Recommended for kids aged up to 8 years old. Not recommended for teenagers or adults.

    The Jumpflex® SMARTSHADE™ is only compatible with Jumpflex trampolines.

    Note: we recommend taking down the PROJAM™ if using the SMARTSHADE™. Also we recommend removing your shade cover when not in use.

    Stay Sun Smart!

    Make sure your kids stay sun smart and avoid sunburn. Grab our trampoline shade cover, which provides essential UV protection for your little ones while they are outside on their trampoline.

    Our trampoline shade cover also helps keep the trampoline cooler during those hot summer days.

    The trampoline shade cover is also handy as it may help to keep your trampoline cleaner as it may catch some leaves, twigs and debris.

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    Maximize the fun!

    Our trampoline shade cover not only blocks out so much of the harsh sun, it also helps maximize the fun for your younger children!

    When you assemble the SMARTSHADE™ on your trampoline, watch as your trampoline transforms into a fun covered playpen for your kids. Their imagination will run wild as they can play all sorts of new fun games on their trampoline!

    The SMARTSHADE™ will make your Jumpflex® trampoline look sleek and stylish in your yard and will be a feature you're sure to be proud of.

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