$59 per trampoline ( Normally up to $250 )

$10 per Jumpflex® accessory

Home delivery for a trampoline normally costs up to $250 due to the large size and weight of the boxes. We heavily subsidise this cost and only charge a flat rate of $59.

**Home Delivery Excludes: Yukon, Prince Edward Island, Northern Territories and Nunavut

Depending on your location, delivery can take anywhere from (approximately) 6 -10 working days. Our warehouse is located in Toronto.

Please note:
As our product is large and bulky they can take a bit longer to get around than say a courier bag. Please ensure you have given enough leeway for delivery timeframe expectations.

**Home Delivery Excludes: Yukon, Prince Edward Island, Northern Territories and Nunavut

In a word, no. We'll deliver your stuff straight to you in 6-10 working days though. You can use the time and effort you would've put into a pickup on something else, like whittling a stick.

Not to worry. Sometimes different parts of your order will get delivered at different times due to different products coming from different warehouses and how FedEx manages larger size deliveries. If in doubt check your FedEx tracking link for info about the different items in your order.

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If you have a PayPal account you can pay using PayPal. When selecting PayPal as a payment method you will be redirected to PayPal to confirm your payment before your order is accepted.

No but we do Affirm, which is pretty much the same thing. Contact us for more info.


About our Warranty

We have an unbeatable warranty! Jumpflex® trampoline warranty policy covers any fault, defect or failure occurring as a result of the manufacturing process. The warranty covers manufacturing defects only. It does not cover any faults caused by lack of maintenance, weather damage, misuse, incorrect assembly or normal wear and tear.

Jumpflex Flex Series
Warranty Break down

• 10 Year Frame Warranty
• 5 Year Jump Mat and Spring Warranty
• 3 Year Spring Pad and Safety Net Warranty
• 1 Year Accessories Warranty

Frame warranty covers only the metal frame of the trampoline against any abnormalities, not included weather damage, external damage, damage due to overloading and all other mentions of non-warranty cover. Small surface rust no larger than 2cm are not covered.

Jump Mat warranty does not cover any wear and tear. Holes no larger than 2cm in the Jump Mat are not covered. All other mentions of non-warranty cover also apply.

Spring Pad warranty does not cover any faults caused by lack of maintenance, weather damage, misuse, incorrect assembly or normal wear and tear.

Safety Net warranty does not cover any faults caused by lack of maintenance, weather damage, misuse, incorrect assembly or normal wear and tear.

It's easy! Just fill in our Contact Form with your order number and details of what has happened, and one of our customer support legends will get back to you asap.

Trampoline installation

Approximate installation time is 1 – 2 hours with 2 people. It is much easier and faster if two people assemble the trampoline, but one person can certainly assemble it. There are no heavy individual components to lift which means people of most capability are able to assemble the trampoline. We also include all the necessary tools to assemble.

When attaching the springs it is much easier to first attach the spring to the jump mat then using the Spring Tool (or you can use another spring as a makeshift Spring Tool) pull the spring towards your body then hook the spring to the steel frame.

Here's an easy to follow assembly video for our PROJAM, a fun trampoline basketball hoop, kids will love shooting some hoops and practicing their big air dunks!


Jumpflex products

You can but we don't recommend it. It creates more impact and jarring on the trampoline frame and is not quite as forgiving as grass if someone happens to slip off the side of the trampoline (while outside the safety net of course!)

Yep, technically you can. It just involves some serious hole digging. Our trampolines are designed to sit on top of the ground so save yourself the hassle.

Depending on model, each box weighs between 34-38kgs or 70.5lbs - 83.8lbs. Best lifted by two people unless you're real buff.

While not essential, an anchor of some sort is a great idea if you live in area that gets super-windy. Trampolines make excellent wind sails! Luckily, we sell trampoline Anchor Kits.

We know safety is super-important to parents and have built safety into every element of our trampolines. It all starts with high-tensile galvanised steel frame and springs. From there we wrap bouncers in a cocoon of protection with curved and padded safety poles, a thick spring pad and a soft yet incredibly strong safety net. Our trampolines are so safe that they've even got the tick of approval from Consumer NZ.

All the design and engineering is done in little old New Zealand (that's where we're from). The trampolines are manufactured in China in our purpose built factory.

Contact our superstar customer support team and we'll get you back up and bouncing in no time!

Yup, so long as it's no more than 5 degrees. Anything steeper than that and the bouncer will spend all their time jammed up against the safety net not having a lot of fun. If you've got some crazy sloped land, never fear, you can always block the downhill legs up on something secure, or dig the uphill legs into the ground.

For ultimate safety, one at a time. But we know in the real world kids find it way more fun to bounce with friends. Most of our trampolines are rated to 250kgs. Just take care and you'll be fine.

No. All the metal components of your trampoline are treated with a multi-stage galvanizing process to prevent rust. If you live by the sea, an occasional spray with a rust protectant will help combat the extra-corrosive environment.

Our guess is as good as yours. Na, just kidding. All known back in stock dates can be found on the product pages of the website. If there's no date and you're super-keen, you can use the "notify me" button to sign up for an email notification when the thing comes back onto the shelves.

Why yes, yes it will. To a certain extent. It's not a full weather cover though; more of a...uh..sun shade.

Our SmartShade™ is designed for any age, so long as they don't want to bounce very high :-) Really, it's best for kids 6-10 years old, as unless they're genetic freaks they won't be tall enough to hit their heads on the shade will jumping.

Not intentionally. We design these things to work best with our trampolines. We don't recommend trying to make it work as you might just end up heartbroken.

Nope sorry. But we do have a pretty sweet website, plus a whole bunch of happy customers showing off their tramps on social on Facebook or Instagram #jumpflex #jumpflextrampolines

After-sales support

In the exceedingly rare event you should want to return one of our amazing products, all you need to do is fill in our contact form with your order details and reason for return, and one of our customer support gurus will be in touch asap.

Oh no! Fill in our contact form with your order details and one of the team will come back to you to see how we can help.

We don't allow cancellations as why would anyone not want one of our incredible products? Jokes aside, if you need to change your order in any shape or form, just fill in our contact form with your details and we'll get it sorted for you. Do it quick though as we pride ourselves on our lightening fast dispatch.

It's up to you. We've seen kids having a lot of fun on trampolines in the snow. Check out this handy blog for more info.

Absolutely! This is easiest with multiple people spread evenly around the trampoline, lifting it by the frame. Our 8FT and 10FT models can be dragged by one person.

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Can't find the answer to your question? Feel free to contact us, we are always ready to assist you with any questions you may have in mind.

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